Pools and natural stone

Piscina outdoor con rivestimento in pietra policroma realizzata da Piscine Verbano

Never old-fashioned and appreciated by architects, builders and customers: the natural stone plays an important role in many residential and commercial projects. The use of natural stone for edges, grids, ladders and walkways is appreciated by architects and customers especially when aesthetics and customization of the pool are to be privileged, creating a connection with the surrounding environment.

Of course, Italian designers pay much attention to the connection with the landscape, with local vegetation and materials and, possibly, with other existing structures. Indeed, local stones are often used to reduce costs of a material - the natural stone - that is usually more expensive than other materials.

Anyway, floooring around the pool must have certain characteristics. Slippery materials are not recommended, unless the smooth surface is spaced out with anti-slippery materials or it is worked with special treatments. Heat absorption is important, too: the best choice is to go for light colours and slightly porous materials; dark colours or stones with high quantity of Glimmer are less suitable, as they absorb heat. 

The use of natural stone can be extended to the pool edge with special tailor-made elements; edges can be obtained from old recovery steps, which is a demanding but beautiful solution. Natural stone can be used also for internal covering of the pool, but in this case suitable kinds of stone must be chosen and special protective treatments are required.


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Picture: Piscine Verbano


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