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The Italian pool market has the highest expectation of growth in Europe thanks to low building costs, fast delivery, prefabricated technologies and easy management.

According to the latest ISTAT figures on economic and social trends in Italy, investments coming from little savers on durable goods - private housing first of all - are in constant growth. On a total of 23 million Italian families, 70% own the house they live in and, among them, 2 million live in villas for one or more families.

Such figures underline the wide target the pool sector can have, which means significant expansion margins in Italy.

In addition, over the next years the market will increasingly experience requests for restoration, installation of new electronic equipments, new disinfection systems, upgrade of old installations, new cleaning accessories and products to have fun in the pool.

Products and services will be more and more sold to build customer loyalty. Many companies have taken this path offering after-sale services for pool management and maintenance, products for pool disinfection or tailor-made financial solutions to purchase the pool.

According to a Demoskopea's recent survey on pool owners (published in the issue No. 158 of Piscine Oggi Magazine), more than 60% have a pool which is about 13 years old and needs restoration, and only a small percentage refers to pools built over the last 2 years.

Moreover, the Italian Government has been confirming for some years the tax benefits of 50% and 36% for building restoration activities, pools included.

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