New growth opportunities in tourism

New growth opportunities in tourism

In Europe markets are still in trouble, but in Italy there is a sector which is not suffering much, rather it is offering new business opportunities. Tourism, in fact, is a key sector in our country and it represents about 11% of the national GDP, allied industries included, but it still has unexpressed wide margins of growth. “In such a difficult moment for the whole national economy, tourism is one of the sectors to be held in high consideration to create new jobs and development”, says Mr. Renzo Iorio, President of Federturismo Confindustria (branch of the Italian Industrial Association).

This sector might offer new opportunities also to other linked industries, e.g. the building industry. In Italy there are over 140,000 touristic structures for hospitality, a real estate that should be mostly redeveloped and refurbished to meet the requirements of more demanding customers. Of course, a structure is much more appealing for the customer – and more profitable for its owner – when equipped with particular services, such as pool, fitness area and Spa. In the past such services were considered a prerogative of five-stars hotels, today they are almost essential also in agritourisms, residence and three-stars hotels, which now make up the 52.8% of hotels in Italy according to the national statistics office. This market should be chased not only for the big international chains that are increasing their structures in Italy, but also by promoting special offers for those small hotels that represent a real treasure for tourism in Italy thanks to that “Italian style” which distinguishes us in the world and that foreign visitors like so much.

Good news from seaside tourism, too: more and more Italian Regions are offering the chance to build pools on the coast, keeping them open all year round. This is the case of the Region of Campania: the Regional Law No. 10 dated 10th May 2012, with special regulations on beach resorts, decrees that until December 2013 owners of public seaside concession can use beach and heliotherapy resorts for the whole solar year. Moreover, according to the Law, owners of public seaside concessions are allowed to build or refurbish dismountable pools, provided they are integrated and coherent with the environment according to the assessment by the competent authorities. Some news also about the Romagna coast. The regional Conference of Services, following a meeting in the seat of the Region of Emilia Romagna, has approved the third version of the Beach Plan of Riccione District, which provides for the installation of pools to be kept open all year round, provided they are built at the beach level (not above).

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