Manufacturing of components for pools
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Company name: C.P.A.
Manufacturing of components for pools
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Ms. Federica Cussino
Via Don Demetrio Castelli, 71
12060 Roddi CN
+39 0173 615693
+39 0173 620922

« Innovation, research and development are the main driving values of the company to guarantee product quality »


C.P.A. s.r.l. is a leading Italian company specialized in the production of components for swimming pools and it has a long time experience in design, construction, and manufacturing of pool components. Activities are based on the design and manufacturing of products for residential and public pools.

C.P.A. s.r.l. was born more than 20 years ago in the North of Italy, Region of Piemonte, and over the years it has become a leader in the pool business, spreading its brand abroad in several countries in Eastern Europe, reaching a sales volume of over 10 million euros per year. Innovation and product quality have always been the main driving values of the company, along with careful market research on customers’ needs, to satisfy every demand aiming for the best.


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