Manufacturer of pool covers
Isoroll Polimpianti
Company name: Polimpianti
Manufacturer of pool covers
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Mr Diego Fidanza
Via Piave, 174
21022 Azzate VA
+39 0332 457727
+39 0332 459126

« For more than 40 years the company has been providing certified quality products that guarantee energy and management savings. Now it’s the point of reference for the production of pool accessories »


Polimpianti started in 1975 in the town of Azzate, near the city of Varese.

Over the years it has committed a lot in the research for new tools and techniques to manage and maintain pools, attending the main trade shows and offering professional and state-of-the-art products. More than 40 years of research turned this company into the point of reference for the production of winter and isothermal covers, manual or automatic pool winders and for the design and construction of pools.

After two years of specific studies and tests, in 2013 the company obtained the IMQ and IMQECO product certification for isothermal covers that guarantees real energy savings. This was all supported by the well-known Italian Institute for the Quality Mark (IMQ), which cooperated with Polimpianti and issued the relevant certificates, then renewed in 2014. Polimpianti is also an active member of the UNI authority in Italy and of the CEN in Europe acting as a support in regulations activities. Polimpianti is a partner and official distributor in Italy of the Dolphin’s original series of automatic pool cleaners by Maytronics.

Innovation is Polimpianti’s guideline: the company has always believed in it and it will continue to pursue its mission of passion, research and innovation in the future. Indeed, in compliance with the Kyoto Protocol and the environment, since 2011 Polimpianti has been manufacturing products with clean energy (e.g. installation of solar panels).


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