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Polimpianti is now 40 years old and it's a leading company in design and production of pool covers. It offers its customers a new software to assess energy conservation and economic savings which derives from its isothermal cover systems. It uses a series of parameters, e.g. climate, pool conditions, kind of cover and winding system to assess timing of return on investments effectively. In short, it's a user guide and an effective tool for choosing the most suitable cover/winding system for one's pool. This tool is intended to estimate the savings of pool covers systems for swimming pools essentially due to energy losses. Since the largest source of energy loss is led by water evaporation, pool covers minimize energy consumption for both outdoor and indoor pools. Savings of around and over the 50% are possible. Pool covers also provide other benefits, in particular preserve chemicals and water consumption and cleaning time. It is worldwide highly recommended that one of the first step to cutting pool energy loss must be the evaluation of the economics of using a swimming pool cover. Clik here to start now

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