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VarSana Spa: it's a 1,800 sqm wellness area designed and built to offer maximum comfort and relaxation. It's located in the Varignana Resort & SPA, an elegant and prestitigous structure in the Emilian countryside. It was designed and built thanks to the experience in the pool & spa sector of Aquaspecial Srl, an AQUA Group's division specialized in the construction of wellness centres, Spas and pools.

It's outstanding for its indoor pool, which extends into the external garden where people can swim outside in the warm water. The accessories turn this pool into a place for relaxation and wellness, treatment and therapy, featuring a phlebology route, whirlpool areas, geyser beds and plates on the pool floor, cervical jets.

Outdoor pools are located on three levels to make full use of the hills and enhance the beauty of the landscape. Out of the three, the central pool has an extraordinary transparent wall 10 mt long that projects the pool water toward the surrounding landscape.

Data sheet

Architect: Elena Zacchiroli
Building company: Aquaspecial Srl Pool accessories: Aqua Spa

Indoor pool made in reinforced concrete with rectangular shape + outdoor segment

  • Surface: 105 sqm
  • Lining: Porcelain stoneware wall tiles
  • Water treatment system: 2 VTR filters, 42 mc/h each
  • Water circulation: skimmer and infinity system, 20 nozzles and 2 skimmers
  • Heating system: plate heat exchanger
  • Accessories: phlebology route, whirlpool areas, geyser beds and plates on the pool floor, cervical jets, air carpet and automatic reel for outdoor pool cover.

Rectangular-shaped outdoor pool in reinforced concrete

  • Size: 20x10 mt the main pool; 10x3,60 mt the intermediate pool; 5,60x2,50 mt the shallow pool: 0,8 – 1,35 mt deep
  • Lining: PVC liner in the pool, reconstructed stone outside the pool
  • Filtering system: 2 VTR plate filters, 89 mc/h each
  • Water circulation: infinity pool, 27 nozzles
  • Heating system: plate heat exchanger
  • Accessories: panel in transparent PMMA


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