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Design and Made in Italy, a perfect union that best expresses today’s outdoor decor, giving maximum value to landscaping surrounding the pool. Like the pool itself, even the area surrounding the pool needs particular attention on design, until the final result can satisfy expectations fully. If a harmonious composition among the elements that make up the garden can always be appreciated, it certainly doesn’t hurt to add some originality and style. Collections of outdoor furniture have notably increased in these past years: it’s possible to find a range of collections: modern with essential forms using inox steel and lightweight metals, or wooden furniture with classical styles and seats with fabric cushions, or elegant compliments in wrought iron and ceramics for an antique-like charm.


outdoor forniture  outdoor forniture


Often the garden, like the home, represent an evident reflection of lifestyle for those who create and use it. For example, those interested in bio-architecture would opt to use natural materials like wood, rattan or bamboo, while those preferring elegance would probably choose furnishings in wrought iron or aluminum. For those who love designer pieces will not give up on having a signature piece even as a pool border.


Light or heavy?

outdoor forniture for a swimming pool chaise longue in a swimming pool  outdoor forniture for a swimming pool chairs into a garden  wood chaise longue beside the pool


It’s the first characteristic to take into consideration: Will the furniture chosen find a fixed spot in the garden or will it need frequent rearranging? Will the space have covered areas or roofs or will it be exposed to atmospheric agents like wind and rain? Lightwieght furniture can be realized in bamboo, rattan, plastic material, or in inox steel or other lightweight metals: there are several models, some oriented more toward aesthetic and design while others more practical and less elegant. Since outdoor furniture is usually foldable, it is advisable to choose this typology in situations of frequent rearranging or in cases where the space isn’t used during the winter months. Wood, wrought iron, ceramic are all materials that characterize heavy furniture that are appealing and stable but also inconvenient to move around.


In the shadow of….

gazebo and outdoor sofa   gazebo with climbing plants  hi tech gazebo beside the pool 

Latticework, gazebos, umbrellas, solutions for shade are truly multiple and also inevitable during the hot summer season. According to the space available and obviously personal taste, one can opt for solutions that are more or less final like latticework in wood or heavy gazebos in wrought iron, accessorized with fabric coverings or, for those who love greenery, climbing plants.

Lights on the pool

lights inside the pool  outdoor sofa with lights  pool lights


During the warm summer evenings the pool and the garden that surrounds it becomes the protagonist of meetings, special dinners, soft cozy atmospheres where the company of family and friends are enjoyed. The light becomes an integral part of the architecture, a significant detail that is also an element that seems born from the water itself.

The shower

outdoor solar shower   outdoor hi-tech shower for a swimming pool


The presence of this accessory near the pool border is absolutely advised to help maintain an optimal level of hygiene in the pool’s water. From classical structures in colored polyethylene with foot washing areas incorporated, to showers in inox steel, in wood and in new materials: there are numerous solutions capable of satisfying the most demanding client. From left: a solar shower by Fasatech; a hi-tech shower for pools and spas made by Ama Luxury Shower.

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