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Company name: Editrice Il Campo
Books, audio books, e-books, technical and management magazines
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40121 Bologna BO
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Editrice Il Campo has over 47 years of experience at the basis of its specialized knowledge.


Since 1972 the publications by Editrice Il Campo have been the point of reference in the world of pools and water, fitness and professional wellness and the sports industry in Italy.

First in the water field with Piscine Oggi magazine, then in the world of fitness and professional wellness with Il Nuovo Club magazine, Editrice Il Campo has always provided readers with top-quality magazines that have turned into the point of reference in the respective sectors. Editrice Il Campo is also online with Sport Industry directory, the main Italian web directory for companies and products in the field of sport, fitness, pool and wellness, and with Fitness Trend, the web portal dedicated to fitness.

Editrice Il Campo is the organizer of:

  • ForumPiscine, the only international event in Italy for the pool and spa Industry, articulated in a three-day international Expo and Conference; 
  • ForumClub, the one professional event in Italy for the fitness, sports and wellness clubs, articulated in a two-day Conference and Expo.


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Company news

  • stand italian pool technology at Bazeny y Sauna in Prague
    Sep 17, 2014
    Category: Event and exhibition
    Come and visit us at BAZÉNY, SAUNY & SOLÁRIA 2014, the International Trade Fair of Swimming Pools, Pool and Bath Technologies, Saunas and...
  • Apr 01, 2015
    Category: Industry market trends
    Cannabis, baths into the wild, spa&travel: these are some of the 2015 trends about wellness according to the Spafinder's annual research What are...
  • swimming pool and spa design
    Apr 21, 2015
    Category: Design trends
    (ph. Hyn Spa by Sergio Bizzarro Architect) What is a “spa”? Many think the term originates from the Latin “salus per aquam,” which translates into “...
  • A design swimming pool in Italy
    Apr 14, 2015
    Category: Design trends
    Photographs: Pasquale Abbattista This residence facing the sea of Sardinia is called H2O. The name probably came from the fact that the access door...
  • Mar 02, 2015
    Category: Design trends
    Editrice Il Campo publishes the fifth volume of the Italian Pool Design collection, a book that fosters the made in Italy in terms of design, style...
  • italian pool made of travertine
    May 04, 2015
    Category: Design trends
    The beauty of the Italian natural travertine for the pool Photographs by Mario Carbone A sixteenth-century palace, situated in the historical center...
  • hydroterapy pool
    May 12, 2015
    Category: Industry market trends
    The benefits of having a pool or pools—whether full-size lap/exercise pools or vitality pools—in a spa are numerous. “Hydrotherapy” is a term often...
  • pool and spa design
    May 15, 2015
    Category: Design trends
    (project: Alberto Apostoli Architect) When designing pool areas, it is important to remember that people interact differently when minimally clothed...
  • Feb 29, 2016
    Category: Design trends
    We are happy to introduce the winning pools of the 2016 edition of the Italian Pool Award, founded by Piscine Oggi Magazine to promote the Italian...
  • Apr 06, 2016
    Category: Industry market trends
    Since the beginning of the economic downturn, the construction industry has been losing thousand of companies and over 500,000 workers. The tax...


Italian Pool Technology is dedicated to the promotion of Italian products for pools and spas in the world market.

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