Barchemicals Group

Chemical products for water treatment
Barchemicals chemical products for water treatment
Company name: Barchemicals Group
Chemical products for water treatment
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Dr. Corrado Barani, Dr. Alberto Bergonzini
Via Salvador Allende, 14
41051 Castelnuovo Rangone MO
+39 059 537765
+39 059 5332058

«Barchemicals operates from 35 years in Water Treatment Sector, with particular care for disinfecting, environmental sanitizing, water treatment, control systems, dosage and automation»

Barchemicals Group represents a completely Made in Italy reality formed by 3 operating companies which share visions, values, and projects. Founded and directed by dr. Corrado Barani, it operates from 35 years in Water Treatment Sector: primary water, drinkable, and pool water – in Italy and abroad – dealing with technical aspects, planning, and management, with particular care for disinfecting, environmental sanitizing, water treatment, control systems, dosage, and automation. The Group is the owner of numerous patents; resources dedicated to Research and Innovation make up the majority of the investments. The group is present on the market thanks to the diversity of companies that define it, each one offering the clients of the Barchemicals Group a complete and specialized service. Barchemicals is the parent company; produces chemical products for the treatment and conditioning of all types of water. The thirty-five-year experience is summarized in 4 product lines; Pool, Detergent, RT line (Process Water sector) and “I Sali della Vita®” (Salts of the Life) Line. Thanks to an innovative productive and efficient system, it internally designs and produces chemical specialities of elevated and trustworthy quality. All the products, rigorously “Made in Italy”, comply with severe criteria of quality and are developed through a rigid execution of research and safety tests. Engineering Corporation is specialized in the design and production of systems for water depuration, electronic control units and control-dosage systems for swimming pools and water treatment plants. Reliability, safety, and innovation are the fundamental values of our Made in Italy Technology. Barchemicals Biopharma was born to guarantee health safety by offering specific services in the diagnostic and preventive field of the treatment and disinfecting of water. Endorsing decades of chemical pharmaceutical competence, it has operated in the department of research and development of products, systems and methods guaranteeing the balance and bio-safety of drinkable water, domestic and recreational water. Barchemicals Group, through the brand Alpha Aqua, it has been active in the commercialization of products and technology for construction, management and maintenance of pools, aquatic parks, wellness centers and Spas.

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Company news

  • Jun 29, 2015
    Category: Industry market trends
    Barchemicals Group presents EASY POOL KIT, the new system for water disinfection and maintenance of private pools. It's chlorine free and easy to use...
  • Mar 26, 2015
    Smart Telepool Save Energy is the flagship model of the Telepool Line: it assures top water quality by matching modular control of water recycle...
  • Oct 26, 2015
    Category: Industry market trends
    BioVitrum - available in two versions - is totally made in Italy and it was designed by the Research Department of Barchemicals Laboratories. It's a...
  • The new UV-C Nanotech line
    Apr 22, 2018
    Category: Industry market trends
    Barchemicals presents the new UV-C Nanotech line: professional UV lamps with dual wavelength (185 and 253,7 nanometers) to destroy both organic...


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