Barchemicals Group

Chemical products for water treatment
Barchemicals chemical products for water treatment
Company name: Barchemicals Group
Chemical products for water treatment
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Dr. Corrado Barani, Dr. Andriy Bilyy
Via Salvador Allende, 14
41051 Castelnuovo Rangone MO
+39 059 537765
+39 059 5332058

« Barchemicals Group, a 35 years old reliable company in water treatment market »

Barchemicals Group, founded and managed by dr. Corrado Barani, operates, since 1984, in Water Treatment Market, with both chemical and technology products.

Barchemicals is the main company; it produces chemical products for every kind of water treatment divided in 4 product lines: Swimming Pools, Cleaning, Legionella prevention and “I Sali della Vita®”. All the products are strictly “Made in Italy” compliant with high-quality criteria Engineering Corporation produces DDS (Diluition Dosing Systems), electronic control units (Telepool) and UV Lamps for Swimming Pools, Potable and Waste water.

Barchemicals Biopharma focused on Legionella disease prevention, with a wide offer of chemical products and Smart Medical System Technology.


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