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A project that is perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment, overlooked by the white Dolomites peaks. A result achieved thanks to Biodesign's patented building technique that matches innovative technology and natual aesthetic effect. Croce Bianca Leisure & Spa is a 4-stars hotel in the Region of Trentino Alto Adige, in the famous tourist centre of Canazei in the heart of Dolomites. At Croce Bianca's there's an air of tradition and the right balance between natural local beauties and modern comfort. The warmth of authentic simple materials like wood, in a romantic and intimate atmosphere, perfectly matches with the unique charme of such environments decorated in Ladin style. Croce Bianca is a daring resort with local refined objects and furniture mixed with some design details. In such environment the wellness centre cannot be missing and it's amazing, equipped with any comfort and a special pool.

indoor pool made by biodesign

The project is by architect Sorapera and the hotel's managing director Erik Detone, it's perfectly integrated in the landscape and it features the most innovative technology at the same time. Biodesign's pool extends between inside and outside of the wellness centre, there are monoliths, kids play areas and underwater chairs; the outer part is separated by a big glass wall to allow guests to make aerotherapy sessions with a view on the Dolomites. In order to avoid thermal dispersion, an automatic glass door has been installed in the pool which is activated when guests pass by.

indoor pool made by biodesign

The outdoor pool has two basins, the one taller and smaller that pours into the bigger one with a waterfall, and it can be timed thanks to independent filtering systems. The pool below is heated up and, to avoid heat dispersion, it is equipped with a cover integrated in the floor to cover the pool completely during the night.

A project by: Arch. Sorapera

Building company: Inacqua srl

Pool structure: Biodesign's patent Shape: free surface: 195 sqm size: m 26 x 23 – max depth m 1,30

Inside and outside coating: natural quarz cement

filtering system: 3 sand pillar filters - flow rate 26 mc/h water reflux: skimmer, 15 nozzles, 13 skimmers

water treatment: automatic treatment with free chlorine and ph heating system: woodchip boiler

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