Renewable energy: the market in Italy is growing

Renewable energy: the market in Italy is growing

The building market has suffered badly over the last years (between 2008 and 2014 the sector lost about 17% overall), but the sector of energy saving in Italy experienced an amazing constant growth.

According to the figures provided by the CRESME (Social and Economic Research Centre for Building and Territory in Italy) between 2008 and 2014 the lighting sector - LED lights - increased by 577% up to 2.81 million euros; the sector of photovoltaic systems increased by 55% with an installation of 7,300 MW.

The trend was positive also for domotics (+34% and 368 million euros), heat pumps in chillers, air and water conditioning (+20% and 472 million euros) and technological systems for fire prevention (+2,2% and 2.35 million euros).

Within this framework, the pool industry in Italy keeps on investing in new solutions to save energy and management costs.

Among the most used solutions in Italy, there are heat pumps, thermal solar panels (also used to move slat pool covers and warm up water in showers) and systems based on cogeneration and heat recovery units. Italian pools use more and more LED lighting systems featuring cutting-edge solutions and technologies.


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