EASY POOL KIT: water treatment in your pool is easy!

Barchemicals Group presents EASY POOL KIT, the new system for water disinfection and maintenance of private pools. It's chlorine free and easy to use.

Barchemicals Group presents the latest products of I Sali della Vita® series: EASY POOL KIT, a range of top quality products resulting from the company's constant research aimed at satisfying the most demanding customers in terms of hygiene and safety of the pool.

It's a brand new system for water disinfection and maintenance for private pools. It's totally chlorine free and very easy to use. It's supplied in handy single-dose bags, each one with its colour code: the 4 bags in the package guarantee chemical treatment of a 10 mt pool for two weeks.

In particular, each EASY POOL KIT package contains:

    Special formula of stabilized peroxides that guarantees total distruction of bacteria and organic substances in the pool. 1 BIOSAN BAG Special blend with antibacterial effect made of natural polymers. It keeps your pool clear in perfect hygiene conditions.
    Acid for pH corrector made of buffering inorganic acids and mineral salts, magnesium and potassium. Its special balanced formula reduces organic pollutants and controls bacterial flora and algae.
    Highly concentrated algicide. It prevents and controls algae, fungi and bacteria. Broad spectrum of action against local microflora, especially black algae, micro and macro algae.

In the box you'll find also a handy calendar to avoid dosing mistakes.

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