Idroterapia presents new products at ForumPiscine 2015

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The pool equipment production of Idroterapia shown at ForumPiscine 2015. Aquatic fitness, in recent years has had many allies in the great tools to entertain and engage the public. One of the most eye-catching is definitely the water jump , trampoline to jump and bounce, making 10% of fatigue more than the normal water aerobics and involving customers in a hard sport but carefree. Brand new SUN TREADMILL, combines innovation, design, functionality and practicality. Unique stability and smoothness of the tape (double layer for thermal water or prolonged periods in water), is studied with shell and load-bearing part of polyethylene in a single mold. Always in search of innovation This innovative Hydrobike is height adjustable, characterized by the angle of the seat-handlebar 74 ° which ensures the best horizontal position excluding adjustments incorrect, it is free of sharp steel and equipped with as many as 9 suckers transparent do not leave marks on the floor, suitable for any type of fund The sun bike has been further enhanced with the new pedal polyethylene, designed to be set in the mold, as well as the body of the bike, it acts by amplifying the water massage and reinforcing benefits to the circulatory level thanks to the holes on the pedal.



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