Italian Pool Technology reaches India

Italian Pool Technology reaches India

The Indian market of pools and spas is growing fast and it is supported not only by tourism – sector on the rise with new luxury hotels and spas – but also by the Indian middle class which is increasing its purchasing power and is investing more and more in house and wellness. India is having a general good economic trend and it is budgeting massive projects and investments in infrastructures over the next 10 years, especially in big areas like Delhi, Mumbay, Madras, Bangalore and, more in general, in tourist areas. According to such preconditions, the Indian market is clearly one of the top markets in the world to offer high potential of growth and business: we have checked that ourselves by bringing Italian Pool Technology to the third edition of Waves Expo 2013, the international trade show on pools and spas that took place in New Delhi from 18th to 20th September organized by the Exhibitions India Group and WAVES, the only Indian web portal dedicated to pools and spas. Our project, made of paper magazine and web portal, had great success among professionals, builders, architects and buyers (e.g. directors of luxury hotels and Spas) from the middle East who visited the show. This means that Italian technologies and style are very appealing for foreign markets. Thanks to our participation in Waves – with a booth entirely dedicated to Italian Pool Technology and Forum Piscine 2014 – we have begun a direct relationship with the organizers of the show (they are also the Publishers of Waves India’s Spa Bath eMagazine) so that we can plan future cooperation and business partnerships.

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