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biodesign pool

The pool presented in these pictures was realized in an area with a particular and beautiful landscape, along the coast of a famous town in Sardinia. This particular condition required necessary respect to the determined stylistic characteristic that guarantee an optimum integration with the context, through adopting suitable construction solutions.The technology used, that didn't involve cement, was considered suitable for the concession of the necessary authorizations for construction.

biodesign pool

The result obtained turned out to be very eloquent: a pool that has the look of a natural one, surrounded by natural monoliths and characterized by a lining in resin that softens in diverse sand tonalities inside and outside the pool. On the bottom of the pool there are expansion joints in resin pebble with two types of granulometry, that create chromatic reflections and enhance the morphology of the pool. The effect of continuity between internal and external lining is guaranteed by the extension of certain elements like stone slabs that define a walkway that goes into the water. Darker shades of tonality were adopted for the lining of the underwater steps, guaranteeing the safety of the bathers. The pool is characterized by beach entrances that give it a complete natural look and at the same time make it easier to enter the water.

biodesign pool at night

One of these beach areas, in addition, is designated for relaxation which has underwater loungers and hydromassage seats. When the sun goes down, the discrete illumination contributes to and enhances the charm of this pool of water: to guarantee the safety of the bathers, the access area is illuminated, taking care to integrate floodlights inside the lining and limiting the visibility of the technological components of the pool. The characteristics of simplicity and non-invasive construction has made this a realization in a protected context, minimally reducing the movement of the land and the amount of time for the installation.

biodesign pool   biodesign pool

Technical form

Structure: Biodesign patent

Form: free

Surface: 150 square meters

Dimensions: m 19,20 m x 14,60 – max depth 1,5 square meters

Internal and external lining: natural quartz mortar

Filtration system: type 2 filters in GLASS flow rate mc/h 30

Water treatment system: Magnapool – magnesium and potassium with electrolysis

Recirculation: skimmer, 12 nozzles, 4 skimmer

Water treatment: magnesium-potassium with electrolysis

Accessories: beach with aerotherapy and LED illumination.

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