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The pool is a complex weave of architecture, design and even art, a work that also expresses the culture that generates it. From the antique Roman baths to the contemporary pool: the Italian style of the pool evolves and delineates new tendencies with international taste.

The pool is undeniably something valuable, among few things that can really leave an impression on a place, a soul in a living space, enhancing an architectural or natural space. A work that is also an expression of a style and aesthetic value that is fruit of the culture that it is realized and evolved in. In this magazine we refer to the Italian style, emblem of a culture that has deep origins in art, architecture and artisan expression recognized by the whole world.

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The pool possesses a plurality of aspects that reflect the place where it’s inserted, the architectural context of the home, the necessary functional aspects and an aesthetics for design. From the antique and luxurious Roman baths, the contemporary pool has assumed, over time, very diverse style and functions making itself what we know it as today: an artisan work with aesthetic and technical qualities that, in order to be realized requires competent and complex knowledge in various spheres, from engineering to chemistry.

This limpid mirror of water requires particular attention, a new look at what is generally seen and interpreted essentially as a “simple” emblem of luxury and ostentation. The pool of today is much more, it’s changed its look, design and function over the course of time.

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