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According to the report by the Italian Association of Spas, Federterme, the Italian Spa industry now is recovering after three years of decline. The report states that on 31st December Spa centres were 326 units (source: ISTAT/Unioncamere), though there are about 50 structures that are differently classified, as they are mainly hotels equipped with spa centres. As for turnover, in 2013 the companies with at least € 4 million sales volume contributed to about 60% of total trade incomes, even if they represent about 21% of total companies. Spa centres are distributed in the whole national territory (except in Molise) and most of them are concentrated in Veneto and Campania because these areas are very rich in sulphurous water, e.g. the Euganean Hills and the Ischia Island. Spa centres are increasing the range of goods and services offered. Along with traditional treatments for severe and chronic diseases (baths, inhalations, irrigations etc.) they also offer rehab therapies and wellness tratments in general, accommodation and restaurant services, cosmetics, cultural activities, leisure and sport initiatives etc. Spa centres are usually located in tourist destinations; most accommodation structures are listed in superior categories (4-5 stars) equipped with comfortable rooms, sport facilities, congress and meeting areas.

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