The natural beauty of water

A swimming pool on the green hills of the Marche Region

It's built in an environment dominated by the green Park of Conero; style, shape, colours and materials of this pool were carefully chosen to guarantee a perfect harmony. The pool was designed and built by Gramaglia, it's totally made in reinforced concrete and it recalls the free shape of a natural basin thanks to its beach accesses and the soft colours of the water deriving from the particular liners used inside and outside the pool.

Access to the pool is easy thanks to a large curved beach covered with a mix of real sand and special waterproof resins, with a highly natural effect strengthened by the use of stones for external finishings, especially for the wall of the vanishing edge.

>>The pool features a suggestive view on the green hills thanks to its overflow edge.<<

Inside the pool there is a PVC liner of the same soft colour of the resin used at the beach entrance in order to create an effect of visual continuity.

>>The outer covering is a mix of resin and sand-colored gravel.<<

In the pool people can enjoy a relaxing view on the surrounding green thanks to the vanishing edge and a pleasant massage in the whirlpool area equipped with geyser.

Also the disinfection system was chosen to guarantee comfort and wellness as it's based on electrolysis of salt water.

Data sheet

  • Construction: Blue Pool by Gramaglia Pool
  • Structure: reinforced concrete
  • Shape: free surface: about 100 sqm
  • Size: 17,70 x 7,75 mt
  • Deep: 0÷0.40÷1.60 mt
  • Inner lining: resin and PVC liner outer
  • Covering: resin
  • Filtration system: no. 2 filters Quartzite type of 22 m³/h each, for recirculation in less than 3 hours
  • Water recirculation: overflow edge (Finnish type), no. 6 nozzles
  • Water treatment: control panel, pH regulation and electrolysis of salt water
  • Accessories: no. 1 whirlpool system with no. 9 air nozzles, no. 5 RGB LED lights


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