Local materials for a swimming pools

This pool is located in Martano, the heart of Grecia Salentina (Salentinian Greek-speaking land) at the amazing Naturalis Resort & Spa

The project perfectly met the requirements of demanding and diversified customers: the goal was the balance between technology and respect for materials, colours and local style in order to create an atmosphere of great fascination and aesthetic impact.

In particular, the internal pool - with therapeutic whirlpool - as an evocative structure featuring typical bricks of the local territory.

In order to offer maximum wellness, the pool has two counterposed chaise longue with no. 4 plates for back and lumbar massage. There is also a cervical cascade that uses the water recirculation system.

Data sheet

Designer:  Engineer Davide Giannuzzi - Architect Carra Giuseppe
Building company: SYS Piscine
Surface: 11 sqm
Size: 3x3.5 mt
Depth: 1.40 mt
Inner lining: ivory plaster + decoration in local bricks of concrete
Outer covering: micro-concrete on the walls and on the vault, outer flooring in opus signinum (cocciopesto) - the soil in front of the spa was used to colour the cocciopesto
Filtering system: no. 1 filter, 15 mc/h flow rate
Water recirculation: skimmer, no. 3 nozzles, no. 1 skimmer
Water treatment: electrolysis of salt water magnesium and potassium
Heating system: titanium tube exchanger
Accessories: no. 2 chaise longue with no. 4 tailor-made marble plates for back and lumbar massage, no. 1 tailor-made cervical cascade that uses the recirculation with outlet in marble. No. 3 tailor-made led lights, 8W RGB, warm light for the pool. A warm light illuminates only one side of the vault in order to decorate the rest of the pool with candles. Air treatment system available.

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