A project for the valorisation of Roman thermal spas

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The project “In the footsteps of the Romans” gathers European thermal water spas and health resorts of Roman origin. The aim of this project is to combine thermal baths, which have a common tradition, and develop subsequent linked thematic bookable transnational tourism packages. Already in ancient times, around 2000 years ago and longer, the Romans (Greeks) established thermal baths wich have natural thermal waters for recreational purposes and for relaxation as well as for the use of prevention and the treatment of chronic diseases by this day. The combination of historical and cultural aspects with health related tourism offers is especially seen as a high potential tourism product for overseas tourists. One of the main objectives is the quality of the developed packages. The quality aspects of the facilities play a decisive role in order to make the package bookable within Europe and from other continents. In addition one of the objectives is to strengthen intercontinental incoming tourism to Europe from North America and Asia. The acceptance of high quality European products is already very high in these countries. With a global marketing approach the consortium will ensure the visibility of the project. From an economic point of view the project will enhance tourism flows and labour market ripple effects. The number of additional jobs and the extension of seasonal jobs will bring added value, especially to structurally less advantaged regions.

Project participants

Coordinator: European Spas Association (Belgium)

Partners: EuropeSpa med & wellness GmbH (Germany); FIT Gesellschaft für gesundes Reisen mbH (Germany); Bulgarian Union of Balneology and spa tourism (Bulgaria); Badenweiler Thermen und Touristik GmbH (Germany); AQUI O Thermes-Cluster thermal aquitain (France); The Business Association of Thermalism (Greece); The Hungarian National Tourist Board (Hungary); Terme di Chianciano (Italy); Termas de Chaves Municipality (Portugal); Romanian Organisation of Spas (Rormania)

Transfer Partners: Balneario de Archena (Spain); Terme di Punta Marina-Ravenna (Italy)

Supporting Partners: European Travel Commission (Belgium); Federazione Italiana delle Industrie Termalie delle Acque Minerali Curative (Italy)

Contact: Coordinator email: office@espa-ehv.eu

Coordinator website: www.europeanspas.eu

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