Building pools in Tuscany: simplifications are coming

More safety for users and more simplifications in structural requirements for tourist-accommodation facilities: these are the main topics introduced by the Resolution no. 581/2015 of the Regional Council of Tuscany.

Simplification is extended to all accommodation structures regardless of the number of beds and a system of waivers has been introduced on some structural requirements.

Here you have some examples of what's new:

  • platforms of turf can be made around the pool;
  • bathing parameters can be self-monitored;
  • no additional pump is required in case the first one is broken;
  • hedges or alarm systems can be used instead of double fencing;
  • structural waivers for existing pools at the date of entry into force of the regulation must be requested before 30th September 2015.

With such regulation terms were re-opened for pool managers and technicians working at the date of entry into force of the regulation, as they can have access to a reduced training course provided they submit to the competent Municipality - by Sept 30, 2015 - a declaration in lieu of notary deed stating the ongoing activity and the starting date.

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