Pool drain with flattened edges

Leoni - Pool drain with flattened edges

Officine Meccaniche Leoni is specialized in the production of inlet nozzles and bottom outlets, grids and stainless steel drains for pools.

Among the latest new products by the company: the pool drain with flattened edges, designed specifically for swimming changing rooms, shower rooms; the discharge of water takes place through a narrow slot of up to 8 mm. Manufactured with flattened edges to make the drainage channel less visible in the flooring. They are constructed in AISI 304, but especially also in AISI 316 for use in environments with high levels of chlorine.

Their constructional form with perimeter wings makes it possible to secure the insulating material in the ideal way. The inspection gullies have a siphon and are equipped with a filter basket. The assembly of the various gullies and the channels is provided for by means of flanges with silicon seals that are secured with bolts to ensure that they remain water-tight.

To facilitate the installation, the materials are provided with a drawing showing a system of numbering for installation of the pieces in the correct sequence. The system is highly versatile, and there are no constraints concerning piece length or positioning of the gullies.


Leoni - Pool drain with flattened edges

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