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Italy, a symbol of a culture that is deeply rooted in art and architecture, is the seventh industrial power in the world and the second in Europe. This country can offer high technical and design expertise, it has a heritage of knowledge ranging from architecture to design and technical expertise, which is the result of the research and development process carried out by Italian companies. The Italian industrial community is thus full of many excellences that, as such, deserve to be recognized all over the world and that can offer interesting business occasions to foreign markets.




Italian Pool Technology is conceived as a guide made up of easy-to-read data sheets reporting any information to best describe companies, their production, history, vision and the description of the selected products. Company details are clearly reported in a noticeable position featuring address, telephone, website and social networks, this way the reader can easily contact the company.

Italian Pool Technology is a well-structured project with a yearly printed publication distributed in the main international trade shows, a website and a digital version that can be browsed and downloaded directly from this website. It features the same contents and periodic updates integrated with active links to the companies’ website, the main social networks and videos and is supported by the periodic newsletter on the main products news to provide the reader with constantly updated information.




Italian Pool Technology - promoted by Piscine Oggi magazine - is a project by Editrice Il Campo, a publishing house that has over 47 years of experience at the basis of its specialized knowledge. Since 1972 the publications by Editrice Il Campo have been the point of reference in the world of pools and water, fitness and professional wellness and the sports industry in Italy.





Piscine Oggi

Piscine Oggi was founded in 1972 and it is the only Italian magazine specialized in the pool system. This quarterly magazine has three special issues (Guida Piscina, Progetto Wellness, Italian Pool Technology), and it focuses on technology, design, construction and maintenance of private and public pools: from big pool facilities to thermal centres, from spas to any other water-related structure. Each issue updates, describes and explains design and technology of pools, coating, water treatments, laws and rules, market researches and process of prefabricated pools.

Guida Piscina

Special issue of PISCINE OGGI dedicated to the private pool. It is published once a year in spring and, thanks to its thorough information and technical analyses, it is an exhaustive guide to know systems, building technologies, accessories, costs and correct maintenance of the private pool.



Il Nuovo Club

Founded in 1989, Il Nuovo Club is a professional magazine about marketing management addressed to owners and managers of fitness clubs, wellness clubs and sport centres. This bimonthly magazine offers any useful information to manage and develop the business in an easy and profitable way. Thanks to a group of skilled professionals and a first-class technical scientific committee, the reader is always updated not only about major marketing management topics, but also about market trends, activities to promote, latest news about products and services, laws and tax rules. .


ForumPiscine - Pool & Spa Expo and International Congress

The first specialized Italian event, exposition and congress, focusing on technology, design, planning, realization and management of “pool systems”, from large public installations to private pools and spas in wellness and thermal centres. Conceived by the magazine Piscine Oggi - for more than 47 years an information tool and point of reference for all professionals and operators in the aquatic sector-architects, designers, technicians and managers - FORUMPISCINE was designed for designers, builders, installers, managers (that the congress course Aquatic Management is geared toward) and for all those interested in the sector, including those operating in the area of thermal centers and tourist structures.




ForumClub - International Congress & Expo for fitness, sport & wellness clubs

The only Italian event, congress and exposition, exclusively business to business, and with a strong international vocation, dedicated to the formation and updating for those who operate in the sector of fitness and wellness. Not only the best of the market, but also ideas, concrete solutions and operative tools for managing one’s activity in an efficient and profitable way. FORUMCLUB was started in 2000 by the magazine Il Nuovo Club, that for more than thirty years of activity has become the reference journal for managers, consultants and operators of fitness and wellness clubs, sport and wellness centres.





Sport Industry Directory

It was born in 1999 from the twenty-year experience of the paper yearbook of the same name, Sport Industry Directory is the first portal of technical specialized information on products, technologies, trends and events of the sport industry, fitness, pool, SPA and wellness and the biggest search engine of trade companies and products, featuring today over 3,500 companies and 600 products. The portal is integrated with Sport Industry Magazine, quarterly magazine about sport facilities sent for free to owners and managers of sport centres.

Books and Multimedia Products

Books, audio books, e-books, technical and management magazines: Editrice Il Campo offers essential work tools to update professional trade players in the field of pools, fitness, wellness and sport facilities in addition to other multimedia products by training professionals in communication, marketing and self coaching. Available also online on www.ilcampo.it



Italian Pool Technology is dedicated to the promotion of Italian products for pools and spas in the world market.

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The protagonists of Italian Pool Technology are the Italian companies, presented with the information that best describes them.


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