ForumPiscine 2015, all the best products for pool and spa


Aqquatix, Aquatech, Barchemicals, Biodesign, C.P.A., Italian Pool, Polimpianti: find out what's new from these companies exhibiting at ForumPiscine.



Aqquatix will showcase in advance the BPM Bike Three. The system has been improved to have LEDs lighting up in different colours when the cycling cadence varies, this way the user is moved and motivated.


automatic cover for the pool

Aquatech shows its range of cleaners made in Italy, featuring a new omnidirectional system; they are suitable for any surface and liner and they comply with CE safety rules. Since 2004 the Aquacover division manufactures summer covers, winter covers and safety covers (slat pool covers and winding rollers).


automatic management of the pool

Barchemicals launches the colorimetry control unit Smart Telepool Save Energy: it offers constant control on chemical-physical water parameters matched with the correct use of energy resources and smart use of chemical disinfection.


biodesign building system for the pool

Biodesign will exhibit its patented building technology at the international level that enables the pool to be inserted in the garden armoniously with no need to use reinforced concrete. This product is totally tailor-made and unique in terms of shape and elegance, with lowest environmental impact.


fiberglass pool filtration boxes

C.P.A. showcases its pool building system Acquaform with structure made in extruded polystyrene that is used with concrete to guarantee extreme toughness. The company will also show its range of technical rooms in fiberglass, available in over 14 models.

Italian Pool

automatic management of the pool

Italian Pool launches AquaRite Plus by HAYWARD, a system that enables both water treatment by using salt water and management of the whole system by controlling filtering cycles, heating and lighting with a removable control panel.


quality label

Polimpianti shows the motor model CAMSE250, IP68 code, complying with rule EN 60529 (1991) + A1 (2000). Final ratio 1/547 with the first 3 reduction stages with belts and pulleys HTD reduction + 3 stretchers to help belts wrapping the pulleys and 4th stage endless screw. Polimpianti will be showcasing at ForumPiscine also the robots Dolphin Maytronics S series.

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