Products for automatic management of the pool

Each pool has very different features according to size, position and use, so it also has different energy problems and potential solutions. This is a list of products and technologies for automatic and smart management of pools. They are particularly suited to reducing energy and water consumptions and they also help maintenance activity.

T Control

Tcontrol system for the management of the pool

Control unit with synoptic frontal panel to manage filtering, led lighting, hydromassage, electronic charge and H2O. Manual and automatic mode. In automatic mode daily filtering cycles are coontrolled according to water temperature and no interventions are required. By Aqua Industrial Group.

Smart Telepool Save Energy

Smart telepool system for the management of the pool

Smart Telepool Save Energy, a brand of Engineering Corporation, controls water parameters constantly and doses chemicals automatically, this way dosages are made on a regular basis to guarantee good water quality and optimize chemicals use, complying with the rules for public facilities. Thanks to the function for energy saving on recycle pumps, there is an average saving of 25-30% on electricity and the quality of chemical-physical parameters is always guaranteed. By Barchemicals Group

SP and SPW Series

Dehumidifiers SP series

Dehumidifiers of SP and SPW Series are designed and produced by Cuoghi. They are conceived to meet the requirements of pools and wellness centres, where great capacity for dehumidification is demanded to face effectively the damage linked to high levels of humidity. Exchangers are made to be long-lasting and work constantly, covered with a special paint that protects them by aggressive substances like chlorine. Such dehumidifiers are extremely adaptable and versatile thanks to low energy consumption, high efficiency, high noise reduction, their toughness and elegnat design. By Cuoghi

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