The italian swimming pool dedicated to wellness

In a famous hotel located in the Northern coast of Ancona, in Italy, during a general restructuring process a wellness centre was built in the basement, for the exclusive use of the guests.

In addition to the minipool, it's equipped with a steam bath, a sauna, two emotional paths (one of them is located in the area dedicated to treatments for couples), an ice fountain and a SPA with chrompotherapy, air/water whirlpool nozzles and geyser effect.

The whole new wellness space was built by Blue Pool by Gramaglia, a company based in the town of Osimo, near Ancona, specialized in design and construction of pools and wellness centres.

The swimming pool is entirely made in reinforced concrete and it's partially underground, with the infinity edge in the straight section close to the beds. It has 4 distinct zones:

  • the one dedicated to relaxation, with beds and air insufflation 
  • the one dedicated to whirlpool massage, with bench equipped with 6 nozzles
  • the one dedicated to air insufflation for plantar massage
  • the one dedicated to cervical massage with fan jet and cannon jet 

All these options can be activated directly from the pool and they have a timer in the electrical panel. The accessories kit is completed with for RGB LED lights that create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

The internal part of the pool is covered in anti-slippery grey stone tiles.

A water/water heat exchanger heats up the water up to 32°C. In the technical room there is also a monoblock system for SPA treatment and recirculation.

Technical sheet

Building company: Blue Pool by Gramaglia

Wellness centre equipments: whirlpool minipool, steam bath, sauna, two emotional paths, ice fountain, SPA with chromotherapy, air/water whirlpool nozzles and geyser effect

Pool structure: reinforced concrete, partially underground

Shape: geometrical, with masonry staircase and stainless steel handrail

Internal covering: anti-slippery grey stone

Water recirculation: infinity edge in one side

Filtering system: no. 2 filters 15 mc/h with no. 3 recirculation pumps

Water treatment: panel with no. 2 dosing pumps, pH and Cl/Rx

Accessories: beds with insufflation air, whirlpool bench, air insufflation for plantar massage, cervical massage with fan jet and cannon jet , 4 RGB LED lights

Water heating system: water/water heat exchanger



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Referenced company: Blue Pool by Gramaglia


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