Polimpianti presents a scenografic pool

pool with scenografic light

This pool is located inside a private home in the hills of the Varese province and was built in the new addition of the home. The volume of the structure where the pool was installed was extracted from the basement floor and is characterized by a large glass window facing a panoramic garden with a “lake view”. The owner wanted to have a pool that was usable all year; for this reason a large part of the room is made up of large full-length sliding glass doors (including a portion on the roof, that has an inclined sliding glass window). The glass doors allow the pool to be open to the outdoors during the summer, facing the panoramic garden; while at the same time, during the colder season, the natural light enters year round.

indoor pool  indoor pool with red light

In order to limit water heat loss and the negative effects of evaporation, a white rigid stave cover in PVC was installed, with automatic winding through remote action. When the rolling cover isn't used, it remains wound up on the axle (in inox stainless steel) and hidden inside an underwater storage, covered by removable African wooden staves . The free form shape that was chosen for the pool follows the geometry of the environment and connects with two linear lengthwise sides.

pool with waterfall

One of these runs alongside a wall lined in stone and has two waterfalls: one scenic and one for cervical massage. In correspondence of the latter, a hydromassage area was realized, equipped with 8 Venturi outlets and 4 hydromassage air plates, placed in the pavement. On the opposite side of this wall is the pool entrance and circular enclosure, which has the access steps and a bench. At the center of the semicircular end which projects toward the garden, a countercurrent swimming system was installed. When the sun goes down, thanks to miniature LED constellations and luminous accents, there is a beautiful effect of reflective light between the roof and the water.

indoor private pool

Technical Profile


Project: Studio Tecnico di Polimpianti, arch. Tito Gorno

Building Company: Polimpianti, www.polimpianti.it

Pool structure: reinforced cement

Form: free

Surface: 54 sq m

Dimensions: 10 x maximum 4,7 m

Depth: 0,95 – 1,3 – 2 m

Internal lining: Bisazza glass mosaic

External lining: border in Luserna stone, pavement in porcellain gres with wood effect, wall in black slates with natural cracks.

Filtration system: n°2 in glass resin, with Diamond Clean (glass cyrstal) in place of traditional sand, flow rate 30 mc/h

Water recirculation: overflow, outlets n°7

Water treatment system: hydroxinator (electrolyte cell) and mineral salts with potassium and magnesium

Heating system: heat exchanger at low temperature

Accessories: cover with rigid profile in PVC Aquamatic model, countercurrent swimming Jet Swim 2000 HP 5.5, two hydromassage places made up of 8 Venturi outlets and 4 hydromassage air plates (placed in the pavement), activated separately with remote control, 4 LED RGB lamps controlled with remote, wall waterfall for cervical massage, waterfall along lengthwise wall 2m for scenic water blade.


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