Italian pool company: interview to C.P.A.

Italian pool kit by C.P.A.

The history of C.P.A. - a company that's been working in the pool market for 25 years - started with the distribution of a pool kit, made up of disposable polystyrene formworks. Since then, the company has been growing constantly, also during economic downturns, in terms of turnover, development of new products and recruitment of staff.

"We have always made the company grow - Mario Cussino, owner of the company, states - and now we have 5 warehouses in Italy, branch offices abroad (Rumania and Poland) and agencies in Croatia and Greece; today we can affirm we are a solid industry group in the pool and wellness sector in Italy and in Europe".


What's the experience and the technical skills at the base of your first production and how has it developed over time?

"Since the very beginning we designed and created moulds for our ISOBLOK, expanded polystyrene formwork with controlled mixture, a product that guarantees thermal insulation thanks to its insulated internal and external part. This product does not undergo corrosion, it's easy to handle and guarantees a clean construction site and simple implementation; ISOBLOK allows to create free and cutomized shapes according to the customers' needs and the territory, no need to use expensive reinforcements.

ISOBLOK: polystyrene formwork for pools

Over time we have remade the mould several times and today we are at the fourth generation of moulds, with 6 lines produced in two factories in Italy, one in Rumania and one in Poland. In the early 2000s, we also started the production of fiberglass and we produced directly technical rooms and a complete series of accessories: water mushrooms, trampolines, tanks to wash feet and tanks for obligatory passageway in public pools, suitable also for disabled people and small pools.

Since 2011 we have been producing also acrylic ladders (roman ladders, corner stairs etc.) and a range of ladders for pool builders, pool restoration and the restoration of ladders under liners. As for technical rooms, today we are leading manufacturers in Italy thanks to a range of products that covers 18 models, each one designed to meet the special requirements of installers".


You also work in the wellness sector, yet the pool sector is your core business, isn't it?

"Yes, we are very active in the construction of wellness centres too, yet our core business remains the pool. We are one of the first companies in Italy (for sure, the second one). This record derives from the ACQUAFORM pools, which use the ISOBLOK formwork which is a very reliable product that allows to count on an elegant competitive solution in a constantly evolving market". 


Over the last years there have been some changes in your corporate structure, is that right?

"We have recently bought the French company Version Composit and we changed its name into Red Pool Sarl. Thanks to this acquisition, we could expand our activity to manufacture acrylic ladders and whirlpool mini pools by using a cutting-edge equipment: a device that directly produces whirlpool spas and acrylic ladders. We have dedicated an area of 3,000 sqm to this specific production and we are recruiting new workers to specialize in the production of mini pools for relaxation".

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