Italian Pool Award 2016: and the winner is...

We are happy to introduce the winning pools of the 2016 edition of the Italian Pool Award, founded by Piscine Oggi Magazine to promote the Italian excellence in pool design and construction.

According to tradition, pools have been evaluated by two different juries: a technical jury, made up of trade professionals with proven experience in the field, and a popular jury, i.e. the users who have voted on Facebook.

The authoritative jury evaluated the integration of architectural and natural context, technological solutions and systems geared toward design, realization and functionality of the pool with special attention to solutions regarding energetic savings.

The jury took into account also the quality of material, appreciating the presentation of quality photographic material, capable of showing the valuable characteristics of the nominated pools.

The Award ceremony took place on Friday 19th February during ForumPiscine, and that was also an opportunity for trade operators to party and network during a pleasant cocktail.

Here you have the six winning pools (and the seventh pool, i.e. the winner of the Facebook Special Award) along with the reasons expressed by the jury:


In the category Commercial Outdoor smaller than 20 metres

The Award goes to: QC TermeMilano

The jury appreciated the technical solutions, systems and design used to place this pool in a one-of-a-kind environment; the pool is surrounded by ancient walls, whose ruins have appeared during the excavations, too. In particular, the use of crystal walls has been highly appreciated to leave some parts of the old walls visible also underwater.


In the category Commercial Outdoor bigger than 20 metres

The Award goes to: 3L Costruzioni ed Impianti

The jury appreciated the technologies used to create this pool, located in a prestigious place: the island of Sacca Sessola, in the Venice Lagoon.

The pool is absolutely unique: it's tailor-made with solutions of high technical complexity used to make all production processes "invisible".


In the category Commercial Indoor

The Award goes to: Arch. Bianchetti - Architettura Tre

The jury appreciated the architectural solutions and systems used to recover a former ice rink and transform it into a wellness centre with indoor and outdoor pools. In particular, the material used for flooring was highly appreciated: a stone-coloured porcelain stoneware that covers the pool both inside and outside and offers a pleasant sense of continuity


In the category Residential Outdoor - Geometrical shape

The Award goes to: Progetto Ambiente

The jury appreciated the sober and simple style of this pool, a feature that inspired the choice of shape, materials and tones. The pool is inserted in the surrounding environment as if it were located there forever and it turns into a water mirror that reflects sky and nature. Highly appreciated also the solution found to compensate the water shortage, i.e. two tanks for the collection of rainwater used to feed the pool.


In the category Residential Outdoor Free Shape

The Award goes to: Euwork

The jury appreciated the location where this pool was inserted, conceived as an open structure towards the surrounding environment and towards the sea by taking advantage of the natural height variations of the garden thanks to the overflowing edge. Highly appreciated also the organic shape of the pool, as well as the colours and materials chosen in line with the tradition of this place.

In the category Biopools

The Award goes to: Milla

The jury appreciated the solutions used to make the most of the different ground heights, i.e. two little lakes placed on two levels that create a waterfall along the overflowing edge, and an elegant terrace in wood that hides the technical rooms. Highly appreciated also the double depth of the water (for adults and children) that creates a space suitable for the whole family.


In the category Facebook Special Award

The Award goes to: Marco Giovinazzo Architect

This pool had a great feedback by the users on the fanpage "ForumPiscine e ForumClub" on Facebook, with 1,379 likes and many comments and shares.

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