Sober volume and dialogue with nature

The pool is built in a private property in a slighly sloping land. The cornerstone of the design is sober volume and dialogue with nature. The house relates with the surrounding environment with a contemporary language recalling the Mediterranean architecture.

The pool has a rectangular shape and it's made in a mix of reinforced concrete and steel panels. The access to the pool has wide steps which serve as underwater seats.

The black PVC lining transforms the pool into a water mirror reflecting the surrounding sky and nature. The overflow edge, which opens the view to the horizon and projects the pool towards the landscape, is made in weathering steel and it forms a little waterfall.

The pool is inserted in a rectangular platform made in Ipe wood slats 18mm thick. The wooden deck makes the solarium more comfortable with a pleasant aesthetic effect in harmony with the architecture and the surrounding landscape.

The client wanted to extend the use of the pool in spring and autumn, this is why a system of solar panels was integrated with an exchanger to warm up the water, which in winter - when the pool is closed - works as heating system for the house. The pool is also equipped with an isothermal cover.

Data sheet

  • Designer: Cottone+Indelicato Architects
  • Building company: D'Amico Costruzioni; Sa Piscine
  • Pool structure: reinforced concrete, steel panels
  • Size: rectangular shape - 13.2x3.3 mt
  • Inner lining: reinforced black pvc
  • Outer covering: Ravaioli Legnami's wood
  • Filtering system: No. 1 sand filter of 26 mc/h flow rate
  • Water recirculation: overflow edge, no. 6 nozzles, no. 2 mud vaccum
  • Water treatment: electrolysis of salt water
  • Heating system: with solar panels and integrated exchanger with heat pump
  • Accessories: winter cover, led lights, slot for automatic thermal cover
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