Wellness and spa: trends of 2015

Cannabis, baths into the wild, spa&travel: these are some of the 2015 trends about wellness according to the Spafinder's annual research

What are the 2015 trends in the world of spas and wellness? Forecasts are made by Spafinder, the NY-based agency specialized in marketing and communication in the wellness sector, which every year dedicates a specific research to the trends to be expected at the global level. The 12th report offers a global perspective on the ten trends that Spafinder records as the most relevant in the different aspects of the wide wellness sector: the "experience" in spas, fitness, beauty, travels as well as food and wellness at the workplace.

The spa on travel

For example, the connection between wellness and tourism is confirmed by the success of spa services as new ritual on travel. According to the report, over the next months we'll see how spas and wellness centres will boom in airports, in hotels offering special treatments at the check-in, in 24/7 opening services for incoming-outcoming guests. The report says that a less predictable change is the "cannabusiness market", as cannabis is increasingly used as privileged ingredient of curative products and treatments. Legalization of marijuana is sprading throughout the United States and cannabis is standing out as key element to give a new look to wellness services, in new applications for spas, tourism and yoga.

spa wellness hotel

East, nature and social

Another fast developing trend is the interest for wellness traditions coming from the Muslim world, as well as for food and beauty treatments used in the Middle East and in Africa. More and more spa centres will develop such services beyond the traditional hamam: they will offer "experiences" like rasul baths, thermal mud treatments and sand baths. And there's more: the so-called “forest bathing" puts body and soul in contact with sounds, perfumes and colours of the nature. What's new is the scientific evidence of their benefits on the immune system and “forest therapy” practices will be one of the future trends in spas and resorts.

Of course, social fitness couldn't be missing among these trends: the passion for sports and fitness makes people come together both in real and virtual life, and it drives them towards wellness travels in order to share one's interests: this is why tour operators specialized in wellness tourism are developing. The report also underlines the search for simplicity that even redefines the concept of luxury related to wellness by retrieving concepts like wilderness and silence to make the most of the wellness experience.


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