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A profitable centre is based on some simple factors: correct distribution of functional areas; technological installations working properly; careful aesthetic design. Since now functionality and easy management require strong attention, providers are turning back to simplicity and order, standards of beauty are changing and eye-catching aspects are less important: an international style, highly appreciated by customers and suitable to develop different functions, is made of modern rooms with warm lighting, very neat and almost symmetrical spaces, featuring more wide areas than many little labyrinthine functions.

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(c) Casale del Principe, project arch. Alberto Apostoli

Another source of inspiration for designers is the enhancement of territory and traditions where the structure is built: not only design should recall local architectural influences but also spa services and equipments should reflect typical traditions and cultures of the area; even treatments are increasingly made with local products. The enhancement of territory and its traditions is a precious inspiration for designers: they prefer to realise projects with their own distinctive identity that do not repeat the same image all over the world. The main goal is the customer's emotion and his/her unforgettable experience.

spa desgn wellness

(c) Hotel La Torretta, project arch. Vismara&Viganò Studio D73

Like in the professional field, customization is the key to realise wellness areas in private houses, too. Customers demand projects that are inspired by their life style or passions, e.g. the 1,000 sqm spa made by Viganò & Vismara's Studio D73 for a racing cars' big fan, which was made in technological materials like carbon for walls, exposed steel for the pool and technical spots. The spa in one's house is a very popular trend and technology, in this case, is very helpful to meet the customer's demands as it delivers equipments for domestic use that can guarantee professional-level quality also in smaller spaces.

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