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The exhibit of the nominees for Italian Pool Award 2016

Italian Pool Award, the award founded in 2011 by Piscine Oggi magazine to promote the Italian excellence in pool design and construction, takes place every year during ForumPiscine, the Pool&Spa Expo and International Congress.

Nominees are split into categories and selected by two different panels. There’s a technical panel of swimming-pool professionals who look at the way the pools fit in with the architectural and natural environment, their technology and equipment, the design, the building and functionality of the swimming pools, and then there’s a public panel of Facebook users, called to vote for their favourite swimming pool with a “like”.

This year the public panel voted for the swimming pool designed by architect Marco Giovinazzo (MG Architect), which received 1379 “likes”, while the technical panel selected the six swimming pools, which won a prestigious ladder-shaped bronze statue. The seven winning swimming pools, along with other nominees for the Italian Pool Award carefully selected by the editor’s board, will be showcased in the 2017 issue of Italian Pool Design 7, which, as usual, will provide an overview of the best projects.

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Check all the data sheets of the winning pools: The winners of the Italian Pool Award 2016


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