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Category: Industry market trends
Acquapark designs and produces different types of water slides, open or closed, to be used with or without inflatable rafts, suitable for the...
Category: Industry market trends
The wide range of Polyfaser’s swimming pools can easily meet the most varied needs to enjoy the benefits of water in one’s household. For 50 years...
Category: Design trends
The grids by Modulartem redefine the concept of infinity pool design. They are not just an accessory, but they increase the aesthetic and functional...
DFM Italia - Acustica
Category: Design trends
Aquatech Group DFM Italia distributes the Acustica® chair, a natural sound-box that can make the human body resonates. In addition to the aesthetic...
Category: Industry market trends
The Prisma dosing pump is the best solution for high precision dosing process. Thanks to the stepper motor and the MultiFunction software, Prisma...
Category: Industry market trends
SuperWELL is the ecosystem of structural energy saving for aquatic centres. It’s based on cogeneration and the new Abul Protocol, it allows an...


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