A swimming pool among olive trees

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This pool is inserted in a private property with a wonderful Art Nouveau-style house, a sober and elegant building of the 30s. The house and the park are located in a sloping land that offers a beautiful view on the sea, and this is how the project of the pool takes shape.

The space is a rather small green area with irregular shape, where two natural elements immediately emerged which would influence the project: two big olive trees and a steep slope.

italian, pool, technology, olive, tree, free form,

Such landscape has totally directed the project and the customer's expectations have been met thanks to the perception given by the surrounding context. The pool plan comes out of the particular natural environment.

Except from the two overflow edges, the whole pool follows the curve of the land in order to surround - and respect - the two olive trees. The slope too was supposed to create a visual effect between the water of the pool and the water of the sea.

italian, pool, technology, home, olive, tree, free form,

Data sheet about pool

  • Designer: Architect Francesca Formaggini - Studio Formaggini
  • Building company: Medpools Srl
  • Pool structure: reinforced concrete
  • Shape: free
  • Inner lining: resin finishings
  • Outer covering: borders in travertine, flooring in aggregates + hydraulic binders and porphyry slabs, outer wall coverings in stone
  • Filtering system: No. 1 sand filter of 30 mc/h flow rate
  • Water recirculation: partial overflow edge, no. 8 nozzles (4+4 bottom and wall)
  • Water treatment: electrolysis of salt water and proportional pump for pH control 5l/h
  • Heating system: 70kW heat exchanger with circulator, thermostat for digital control, flow rate control (heating element in titanium/stainless steel)
  • Accessories: inner lighting system with white leds, discrete and suffused lighting (no. 3 lights 31w/each on the inside - no. 3 lights 5w/each on the outside)
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