SURFACES: the first exhibition about the best handicraft related to the pool and spa industry

An exhibition in an absolute preview to recount the best handicraft related to the pool and spa industry. The 2017 edition of ForumPiscine will feature some special events, including the very interesting exhibition Surfaces, the first presentation about the art of working stones and ceramics for pools, flooring, grids and special cuts.

Thanks to a unique set-up by the Architect Lorenzo Zanetti, Surfaces will highlight both the craftsmanship and the high-quality materials, offering a fascinating showcase of the best manufacturers for builders, designers, architects, distributors and installers of pools and accessories who will visit ForumPiscine, from 16th to 18th February 2017.




This exhibition will host masonry and marble workers, workshops, small and big companies not necessarily used to work in the pool sector, but who can offer unparalleledrefined and customized solutions according to the customer's needs.  The project aims at enhancing the techniques used to provide architectural solutions that match the functionality and aesthetic value




Surfaces is absolutely new both for ForumPiscine and the pool sector in general; it will showcase top-level Italian and International manufacturers who can make and provide (internal and external) covering, flooring and special cuts required to build any kind of pool: from residential to commercial pools inside wellness and thermal centres, hotels, and leisure structures. For further information, please visit the page Events/Surfaces of the website of ForumPiscine 2017. 

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