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Survey about sports

Maybe it’s the sport preferred by the Italians, but at least among the youngsters football in 2016 has lost points. Because it’s swimming the most practiced discipline by children aged between 3 and 10 years. According to a survey conducted by Stage Up and Ipsos, in fact, regarding the national population aged between 14 and 64 years (39.6 million of individuals), diving into a swimming pool is the activity that younger generation like the most.

Data in hand, in the last twelve months those who signed up for the pool were 4,169,000, both agonists and amateurs, against the 3.952 million of Italians who chose to follow the path of aspiring footballers. And between all the swimmers counted by the authors of the study, titled "The sports disciplines - analysis of the interest and practice in Italy", the 24% of them are very young, while the 52% are women. In the third position, following the swimming and the football playing, there’s cycling, that counts on 1,661,000 practitioners.


Survey about sports


But in 2016 – explain the survey by Up Stage and Ipsos – the pool has earned at least another medal: swimming is also the first choice, among the sports disciplines, that Italian moms and dads would like, for their children, to practice. Sure enough, last year were 6,076,600 the parents who signed up their kids for swimming lessons, choosing that sport above the tennis (selected by 3,395,800 mothers and fathers) and volleyball (chosen by 3,018,200).

However, it’s hard to reach the football when it comes to fascination and passion: as in past, last year football was eagerly followed by 31.7 million of Italians, confirming itself steadfastly at the helm in the ranking of the most popular sports ever. The silver medal went to car racing (the Formula One in particular), with 29,908,000 followers, and motorcycle racing, supported by 28,887,000 people.

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