Solaris and Gruppo Zodiac together for the pool

From the partnership of Piscine Solaris - division of the Duebi Piscine Group specialized in the production and installation of pre-fabbricated pools - and the Gruppo Zodiac comes forth Zodiac Solaris Progress, a high profile pool with an optimal balance of price-quality, guaranteeing the duration in time and performance. "It's essentially a partnership of product" explains Claudio Busatta, founder and administrator of Piscine Solaris, "the two companies remain independent on the profile of production, but we are beginning to produce and propose specific solutions that will have both the technical competence of Solaris in the creation of pre-fabbricated pools and the skimmer with overflow border united with solutions for the treatment and the outfitting of pools produced by Zodiac. At the moment, the partnership is applied to two products: our exclusive Solaris Progress pools (Modul-Tech corrugated panels + walls in polyester) and Nature2, a treatment system of natural water without chlorine of Zodiac production".

Claudio Busatta

Co-founder Gruppo Duebi Piscine

Franca Baroni

General Manager Italy of Zodiac Pool Systems

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