The pool market in Italy: what’s new

The key word is: economic recovery. 2017 has been a year of growth and financial development for Italy, that recorded, during the first trimester a 1.3% increase in consumption, the highest since 1999. The economic crisis looks, finally, in the past, expenditure is rising, and it's the market, including the swimming pool market, both public and private, that's deriving the greatest benefit from it. Restructuring operations, new facilities, an increase in consumer demand for private swimming pools to garnish domestic gardens with a space dedicated to water: the Italian market is growing, and while expanding, renews itself. With an eye to design and new technologies, the Made in Italy swimming pool is less and less a luxury accessory, while becoming more often than not a place for aggregation, sports, and entertainment. A metamorphosis encouraged by the last State-operated regulatory action, that recently introduced bureaucratic simplifications that facilitate the process of obtaining building permits and landscape authorization.

Saving water is possible: the self-sufficient pool
At a time when waste of natural resources has become an international dilemma, the pool industry can and must make its contribution to the safeguard of our planet. That's the reason why Piscine Oggi and ForumPiscine 2018 launched a campaign in collaboration with Assopiscine: the self-sufficient pool. A concept that's more than a model for a swimming pool that recovers water - like rainwater, for example - to limit waste. It's a choice, to preserve our water resources for they aren't boundless. The approach is simple, and not too expensive, it just takes some effort. It will be discussed at the  that'll take place at the 2018th edition of ForumPiscine, Hall 33 of Bologna Fiere, from February 21st to 23rd, and in the pages of Piscine Oggi's 179 issue.


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Made in Italy swimming pool: a matter of style
Beautiful, comfortable and super equipped. Swimming pools today are more than luxury environments designed for visual appeal. They are places of conviviality, aggregation, relaxation, and wellness for the whole family devised to provide an optimal level of comfort with hi-tech accessories, perfectly blended with the nature of the garden thanks to covering materials such as wood and stone. The design combined with functionality, in full Italian style. Among the emerging tendencies of this year, reported by Guida Piscina 2017, recreational elements to turn the garden into a small water park, sports devices, like the one for counter-current swimming, and accessories for relaxation and wellness, from whirlpool jets to Led lights for chromotherapy.

More and more in harmony with the natural environment: that's the new tendency of the pool market for 2018.
The last years have been marked by a design style that demands as much naturalness as possible. Hence, swimming pools are nowadays more and more conceived as natural water scenarios with rocks and pebbles, sand and wood, a trend partly spurred by the diffusion of the biopools, which adapts to the strong natural aspect of the technology based on purification through plants. At present, the natural swimming pools are undergoing a new phase of development, but the desire to seek more and more natural solutions has also had an effect on the "traditional" residential pool, encouraging the users to look for environment-friendly solutions like less chemical water filtration and treatment systems, translating into alternative or supplementary chlorine-based methods, an effective, but not always efficient, disinfectant.


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Automated and cost-effective: when the pool meets domotics
More and more computerized, more and more parsimonious. In the age of domotics, swimming pools are also automating. The first facilities to adopt integral and integrated control systems were the pools public use, however, the wide range of home automation solutions offered by the market is gradually capturing the interest of more and more private individuals. There are those who buy variable (and programmable) speed pumps to ensure a good energy saving, those who opt for solutions to reduce the use of chemical products, or to waste less water during backwashing, and those who instead are oriented towards the highest mechanization, or a middle path between the analog and digital. The pool automations, in fact, are numerous, and increasingly popular. An example? It ranges from electronic or digital systems that signal the need to change the filter, to automatic pool cleaners, down to the sensors that keep the pH constantly monitored.



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