The pool lining

pool lining

It’s like the outfit of the pool, and its importance is both aesthetic and functional. It’s the pool lining, a key element of each and every project, both from a pragmatic point of view, since each liner has its own characteristics, such as a certain level of resistance, durability over time, naturalness versus a greater capacity for resisting the chemical elements present in the water; and from the aesthetic point of view, since the pool liner plays a pivotal role in the introduction of a swimming pool in any context, be it urban, rural or maritime. The choice between the mosaic or the natural stone, or maybe the ceramic, in fact, does not stem exclusively from personal taste, at least if we wish that the pool environment, that is the surroundings of the water, is harmonious, symmetrical, firmly interconnected element by element.

The location, position, context, and use of the pool also matters when this choice is made. For example, if our pool is included in a garden on the Tuscan Apennines, which has many areas subject to restrictions by the Superintendency, it might be a good idea to pick a liner able to evoke the breathtaking landscape. But if the pool is indoor, we can venture in terms of class and elegance, perhaps employing a beautiful mosaic.

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