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"To understand Milan you have to dive into it. Don’t look at it like a work of art". This is what Guido Piovene, famous Milanese journalist and writer, said once and, looking at the pool presented in this article, Preformati Italia seems to have taken those words literally. At the center of Milan’s fashion district, where style prevails over everything, there’s the luxury penthouse in which the pools with waterfall by Preformati Italy have found its natural location.

The Vicenza-based company was involved in the restructuring project since the initial phases: starting from the engineering of the architectural concept, in fact, it then moved on to the production and installation of the pools.

The choice of the clients fell on Preformati Italia due to the reduced weight of its products and the high quality of its creations, made unique by a very high level of customization combined with reduced installation times. All these features are extremely important given the particularity of the location, a situation in which the containment of the weights that burden on the load-bearing structure of the building is fundamental.


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