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First and foremost, there’s the customer. And that's why in 2014 Polimpianti started to label the isothermal and winter covers for pools, Wincover and Wincogrill, offering its customers the possibility to easily access the maintenance and safety related instructions of the product with a simple click from tablet or smartphone.

To use the service, in fact, the customer needs to just scan, with a mobile device, the QR Code on the label, imprinted by Polimpianti on the pool’s cover, and a quick decoding reveals all the information concerning the product purchased. Wincover and Wincogrill are both winter covers made to protect the pool during the cold months, thanks to a special ultralight material which is resistant to tear, freeze and UV radiation. Moreover, they prevent algal photosynthesis and resist to shock chlorination.

Wincover Tjj is the most classic floating solution, it’s light and easy to install. Wincogrill is the elegant draining and stretched solution, equipped with a perimeter band in heavy calendered PVC in sturdy treivra texture.

Flagship of the pool sector since 1975, Polimpianti has always aimed to design products able to satisfy all the needs of the customer. Founded in Azzate, in Italy, near the city of Varese, the company is specialized in the design and manufacture of winter pool covers. But in addition, it directly produces and distributes throughout the national territory isothermal, summer, and rigid covers. Moreover, Polimpianti is the official distributor of the Dolphin automatic pool cleaners, and deals with the design, construction, and installation of pools in areas adjacent to its headquarters and to its branch office.

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