Mini-pools, when ‘small’ means comfort and beauty

Small, fashionable and equipped with every comfort. Mini-pools are getting more and more popular among the worldwide customers. Technologically innovative and adaptable with many hi-tech accessories, these small pools have nothing to envy to the traditional swimming pools. Produced for the first time in the United States and quickly exported all over the globe, these pools, not to be confused with the most classic whirlpools, are for all purposes miniature Spas. Designed to be installed both indoor and outdoor, mini-pools indeed maximize the healing benefits of hydrotherapy, already well known in Roman times, when the spas were common as places of well-being and relaxation. This cultural heritage has been passed down over the centuries, and the pool industry applied to its product creating the first whirlpools. Aquatic oases that combine the benefits of hydrotherapy with those of massotherapy, while the water pressure favors fluid drainage, the heat stimulates blood circulation and the lower temperatures tone the body and muscles. Underlying everything there's a need for the pool to comply with three simple principles: the heat, of course, the floating of the body immersed in water and the water pressure. Equipped with a heating system programmed to preserve the temperature between 35° and 38°, moreover, the mini-pools do not use hot water and to make sure not to waste the energy it's advisable to employ an insulating cover, which should be removed only at the moment use. Each mini-pool model should be equipped with a suitable cover, sometimes it's supplied together with the pool, but in other cases it's optional.

Perfectly adaptable to all spaces and settings, mini-pools may be self-supporting or built-in: the formers are cheaper and don't require masonry works, while the latter are a bit more expensive but aesthetically they blend in seamlessly with any décor or home environment. Among the accessories available for mini-pool owners, counter-current swimming devices, chromotherapy lights, hi-fi audio systems devised to listen to music while underwater, waterproof LCD screens, whirlpool jets and ozone therapy equipment. Companies, in short, are able to guarantee the maximum personalization of mini-pools, from simpler and cheaper models to the most luxurious full optional.




Egoè is the first company on the market to mix stainless steel walls with large glass surfaces: an approach that originates a pleasant aesthetic combination that inspires a sense of modernity and elegance without sacrificing functionality. The use of the stainless steel, widely employed all over the world in urban architecture because of its corrosion resistance and the brilliance of its surface, guarantees mini-pools that are durable, while high-quality woods and mosaics, used for finishing touches, add a trace of color to a pure and sophisticated design, to devise aesthetically beautiful but also functionally practical products.


Fabar Pool

Crystal is a brand-new model of mini-pool presented by Fabarpool at Sun 2007. Thanks to its elegant and stylish design, it is suitable for the classiest settings. A cozy lounge seat for 2 people ensures maximum comfort. It also features perimetric seats which make it suitable for a maximum of 7 people. This model sums up Italian SPA experience and style. Thanks to its perfect shape, its professional technology, and its excellent inner space, Crystal represents the top product in its range.



A Hafro mini-pool is a true domestic multi-spa to enjoy in full security thanks to the multi-layer filtration system with an ozone generator, to always have clear and clean thermal waters. Hafro's research on the benefits of hydro massage has defined a wide variety of mini-pools, combining original shapes, ergonomics, and aesthetics, for the sole purpose of providing its customers with true wellness and comfort right into their homes. The benefits of hydro massage are also enhanced by the chromo therapy, which allows the user to dive in spectacularly colored waters.


Life Class

Hydrotherapy, music, chromotherapy and aromatherapy, all enclosed in a small (but very comfortable) mini-pool. Life Class mini pools are designed to offer the ultimate in luxuries and wellness, to provide the maximum regenerating pleasure of a built-in mini-pool. The broad seats, the ability to enrich the pool with a various range of accessory items and hi-tech innovations, and the eye-catching design, are able to transform Life Class products into small wellness oases.


Natural Pools & G

Balneus Mea is the new natural mini-whirlpool by Natural Pools & G. Always attentive to customer needs, the company designed this elegant solution creating a pool that blends perfectly in the garden. Having a real hydromassage incorporated into the swimming pool is a great advantage that combines a relaxing effect of a pleasurable outdoor experience while enjoying the company of friends and family. Based on the patented Sorgiva technology, this particular hydromassage pool is created taking into account the individual needs of the client: the company customizes every installation advising and assisting the customers throughout the entire project, in order to give them the most suitable solutions.



Designed by Giovanna Talocci, the Seaside 640 mini-pool by Teuco was devised to provide an outdoor space for ultimate relaxation, where design and innovation bring out the best in one another. Seaside 640 can accommodate up to 4 people, who can comfortably lounge on the massage seats, it’s provided with an efficient filtration and heating system and the Hydrosilence® whirlpool system, the first and only silent whirlpool. A host of optionals are available: ranging from the built-in refrigerator compartment to the audio system with Bluetooth connection, and the Moonlight perimeter light which - together with the underwater floodlight with cromoexperience function (supplied as standard) - create magical atmospheres even at night. Also, the audio system with Bluetooth connection allows the user to listen to music even underwater.



Sophisticated, comfortable and technological. The mini-pools by Treesse, designed by Marc Sadler, all feature the innovative Company’s patented Ghost System, that allows hiding all the electronic and water components that work the pool functions. Also, to keep the design clean and impeccable, the jets of the whirlpool are hidden too, contained into a subtle and evocative light line that enhance the elegance of the pool. Thanks to this innovation, Treesse mini-pools combine the invisibility of technology with the utmost expression of well-being, in a mix of lights, colors, and sounds, that turn the pool into a real home spa with chromotherapy.


Zucchetti Kos

Quadrat mini-pool by Zucchetti Kos is the ideal combination of aesthetics and functionality. Available both for indoor and outdoor, the pool is quipped with a blower bench to stretch or sit and a lower space for a total of 3 or 4 people, and it's provided with a customizable hydromassage system that allows the user to choose from different types of back and leg massage and to adjust the intensity and direction of the jets. The nozzles can be also regulated individually to obtain diversified streams: linear, rotating, soft or fast. Hydromassage, blower, underwater LED floodlight and the water heating system provide an experience of total wellness, able to involve all senses.



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