The Italian pool market

The Italian pool market

According to Assopiscine (the Italian Association of pool builders), 19,000 new pools were built in Italy in 2012, showing a slight decrease compared to the previous year. The market essentially is standing the situation, though margins of profit have reduced against the work done. Yet, we can make some optimistic considerations: the overall number of pools (private pools) is about 300,000 (about 250,000 are in-ground and 50,000 above ground pools), for approximately 60 million inhabitants. Such data show that in Italy the ratio between users and number of pools is the lowest in Europe (EUSA countries), which can mean high growth potential in the sector. Moreover, most existing pools are over 10 years old, thus they need restoration and adjustment.

According to Assopiscine, over the next 5 years new constructions are expected to decrease, whereas there should be more demand of restoration, installation of new electronic equipment, new disinfection systems, adaptation of old installations to new standards, cleaning accessories and water amusement. Customer service and product sales activities will be enhanced to foster customer satisfaction and loyalty. Many companies have taken steps in this direction by offering after sales services for pool management and maintenance, disinfection products and tailor-made credit lines to purchase the pool.

If new pools are late in being built, a business opportunity can be offered by existing pools, which are approximately 300,000 according to Assopiscine. A recent research by Demoskopea required by Zodiac Poolcare – Europool Italia on pool owners (published in Piscine Oggi Magazine No. 158), shows that over 60% of interviewed people have a pool that is 13.1 years old on average, thus in need of restoration. On the contrary, only a small percentage (3%) represents the pools built in the last 2 years. The market of restoration, thus, seems to be offering new job opportunities.

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