Italian Pool Award 2018: the winners!

Winners Italian Pool Award 2018

On Thursday, February 22nd, @ ForumPiscine Gallery 2018, the winners of the eight edition of the Italian Pool Award were officially presented. This edition embraced over 40 participants, divided into 5 categories:

  • Residential Outdoor < 80 sqm
  • Residential Outdoor > 80 sqm
  • Commercial Indoor
  • Commercial Outdoor
  • Biopool.


The winners were chosen by the jury, focusing not only on the aesthetic of the various projects but also looking specifically to the facility engineering and its technical aspects. As a matter of fact, the members of the jury were the architects Silvia Giannini, Antonio Fedon, Paolo Pettene, Marco Pozzoli and Alberto Zanetta and the role of president of the jury has been relied on Mariagrazia Lioce, the head of the organizing secretary ForumClub – ForumPiscine.

We are now pleased to announce which are the pools that were up on the podium of Italian Pool Award 2018, winning the precious bronze statue made by Foundry Merighi Art of Bologna, on the project of Osvaldo Casanova designers.


GGA Gardini Gibertini Architetti - Winner in category "Residential Outdoor < 80 sqm"

GGA - Residenziale Outdoor minore 80 mq


SYS Piscine - Arch. Fabiano Spano - Winner in category "Residential Outdoor > 80 sqm"

SYS Piscine - Fabiano Spano - Residenziale Outdoor maggiore 80 mq


Arch. Alberto Apostoli - Winner in category "Commercial Indoor"

Alberto Apostoli - Commerciale Indoor


Itaca - Winner in category "Commercial Outdoor"

Itaca - Commerciale Outdoor


Anja Werner - Winner in category "Biopool"

Anja Werner - Biopiscina



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