Italian Pool Award 2017: voting is open for the Facebook Special Award

To all the friends of ForumPiscine! Once again this year, on the occasion of the new edition of the Italian Pool Award, the time has come to assign the Facebook Special AwardTherefore the invitation is addressed to you all: visit our Facebook page, ForumClub-ForumPiscinetake a look at the 35 candidates, choose your favorite (or favorites, you can pick more than one), and votevotevote!
To decide who will win this special social - award, in fact, it will be your 'Likes'!
The pool that it will get more 'Likes' will receive the Facebook Special Award and will be on the stage of the winners on Friday, February 17th, at ForumPiscine.
But be careful: in order to avoid misunderstandings, ONLY THE 'LIKES' (and not the other Facebook reactions such as "love" or "wow", and even the comments) will be considered votes
Also, please remember that purchasing operations of "likes" won't be accepted.
Respect the rules and play clean, it will be much more satisfying to win! ;)
Good luck!
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