ForumPiscine 2017, what's new?

With many innovations, a number of events of major interest, both Italian and international, and a ferment that bodes well for the future of the entire sector, ForumPiscine introduces the 2017 edition of the Expo and Congress, that will take place from February 16th to 18th, in Bologna. 16,000 square meters dedicated to Pools and Spas, Fitness and Wellness Centers, for a salon that in nine editions has established itself as a unique kermesse and a reference point for the world of the pool.

In addition to the stands of the exhibitor companies, that will display what’s new from the worldwide market, the Expo will host venues for Business Meetings open to the public, organized in collaboration with industry players, federations and associations of reference in their respective areas of activity. The program will also include free thematic workshops by the exhibitors companies.

Furthermore, aiming to the training and the upgrading for all those work in the swimming pools’ area, the program of the 9th Pool & Spa Expo and International Congress will give space to the nodal points for the building of swimming pools of any type (collective, residential, public and private, recreational and spa), and for the efficient and safe management of these facilities. a preview of the paid-admission conference program and the open conferences (free admission), published on our website


Legislative changes and technological innovation for swimming pools and spas

The requirements for the swimming pool water will be the main focus of the meeting that’ll take place on February 17th, dedicated to the review of the Italian Agreement between State and Regions, with the speakers Lucia Bonadonna, from the Institute of Health, and Athena Mavridou, from the Department of Public Health of the University of Patras, and curator of the International Conference on Pools and Spas ICSPS2017. Following, the conference “Innovation in health and hygiene management of thermal pools", organized in cooperation - and with the support of - Federterme, and coordinated by Vincenzo Romano Spica, from the Italian University of Rome "Foro Italico". The thermal companies, the scientific research and the protagonists of the pool industry will discuss the technologies that can lead pool and spa’s customer care to new frontiers. The conference will also open a window on the innovative strategies for disinfection, and the scientific instruments able to enhance the specificity of each thermal water, turning it into a powerful instrument of competition.

On the regulatory front, for the pools and spa, the last few months were also crucial due to the introduction of new regulations issued at a European level and partly already implemented by UNI. Alberto Verardo, the coordinator of the technical commission of Assopiscine, will focus on the recent UNI EN 16582 and 16713, and on the effects of aforementioned implementation by UNI. Rossana Prola, president of ProfessioneAcquaNET and member of the CEN working group that's drafting the new law on domestic spa, will explain, in a preview, the basics, focusing on the impact that this standard will have on the domestic spa market.


Spa and strategic vision

Over the last years, the market is paying more and more attention to wellness, attracting an ever-increasing number of consumers. This is why ForumPiscine and ForumClub created SPATECH, an exhibition area entirely dedicated to technologies, products, systems and materials for Spas, thermal and wellness centers, either stand alone or inside accommodation structures. Among the main events of this program, the conference “Spa and strategic vision - design, computerization, and management of the spa”, organized in collaboration with Zucchetti Itaca. Amidst the speakers, the Olympic champion Daniele Masala and the architects Silvia Giannini and Giancarlo Marzorati.


Criteria for energy efficiency and a correct environment

Returns in 2017 the Focus about the “Efficient facilities in order to reduce power consumption and energy costs”, an initiative already appreciated during the previous edition of ForumPiscine, and dedicated to a theme that has gained a crucial importance for the fate of each and every sport and water sport facility. Experts, consultants, and companies, led by Marco Arnesano, from the Politenica University of Marche, will present, through concrete examples of redevelopment, the most effective solutions to optimize the management of clubs, swimming pools, and spa.

To the ambiance of the pool, natural or traditional, and its relationship with its surroundings, is dedicated the meeting led by the landscape architect Anja Werner, that’ll present multiple design solutions that'll involve technical functionality, aesthetics, naturalness and emotion.


At the managers' side

Among the events of the Aquatic Management program, part of the ForumPiscine Congress, which develops in synergy with the concomitant ForumClub International Congress and Expo, there will also be the chance to approach strictly managerial issues, dedicated to those who work in public or private pools for collective use. For example, over the three days of the kermesse experts will talk about the latest fiscal news regarding club and pools, or about the new protocol for the chemical risk management developed by ASL Veneto, in collaboration with the University Ca 'Foscari.

The three-day program of ForumPiscine also includes celebratory occasions, beginning with the prestigious Italian Pool Award (February 17th), the most important Prize to the excellence in the pool industry, established by the magazine Piscine Oggi, now in its 45th year of activity.

ForumPiscine will also host the EUSA Awards 2016 Ceremony, the annual award ceremony honors the realities that have distinguished themselves in the European market, established by the international EUSA, the European Union of Swimming Pool and Spa Associations.










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