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Electronics and lighting products
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Company name: Lux International
Electronics and lighting products
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Via Orna, 11/F
36040 Brendola VI
+39 0444 1806053

«We design and develop customized solutions, hardware and software products for lighting and control systems like control units, remote controls and electronic boards. Everything is strictly Made in Italy»


Lux International produces Led lighting solutions for indoor, outdoor, pools, saunas: RGB (multicolour) or WHITE at 2700K, 4000K, 5000K.

Our Led Bars and circuits are entirely developed and manufactured in Italy by our facility located in Brendola, Vicenza, and we use exclusively high quality Led certified IES-LM-80-2008. We propose anodized aluminium profiles for indoor of different shapes and dimensions, with opaline or satined cover to allow an optimal diffusion of the light. Our range includes also stainless steel or white PVC profiles with resin IP68 for outdoor, pool and sauna lighting. The resin we use guarantees the highest reliability IP68 and high resistence against chlorine or salt water, atmospheric agents and extreme temperatures.

We praise exclusive products developed in house as Dinamic Light, Candle Light and RGB Control Unit with 36 colours and 4 cromotherapy. LUX International, with a twenty-year experience in the electronics industry, has successfully committed itself to LED lighting, in particular for the wellness area, and our wide range of products has recently been enriched by two new elements: Spot LED “100” and Flexi.


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