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Fiberglass filters for swimming pools
Canale Antonio filters
Company name: Canale Antonio
Fiberglass filters for swimming pools
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Mr. Lorenzo Canale
Via Umbria, 10 Z.I.
36015 Schio VI
+39 0445 575297
+39 0445 575377

« Always emphasizing our constant commitment to quality, we are proud to have remained a family business so that we can conserve the style and brand of our tradition »

Canale Antonio & C. is a company that deals with fiberglass, especially in the construction of filters for water treatment.

Since 1973, our presence in the sector has been recognized all over Europe and we have been producing FRP Filters for water treatment to the following standards: UNI 10637, DIN 19605 19643-19644, Ö-Norm M6216, SIA, GOST, etc. Today we are especially active in Germany and Austria, but also in the Baltic countries like Sweden, Poland, and Russia.

Over the years, we have specialized in producing bobbin wound filters with radial and polar windings using machines we design and build ourselves. We can construct small filters for private pools and especially large-size filters for hotels, public water systems, thermal spas, and recreational facilities. Whenever the renovation of existing pools precludes the assembly of whole filters, we can provide filters cut into 2, 3, and 4 parts to be assembled onsite by our specialized technicians. We also construct horizontal filters, ozone reactors, pre-filters, and GRP tanks, which can also be built to special client designs and dimensions in compliance with regulations.


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